The Mutation of the Sock

Fear itself hides a vital resource: the energy of the know-how-to-made

All our products have a story behind. It is normally about the inspiration source, the design, the adoption of particular yarns or the implementation of a new technology.

DèPio mask has its own, too. It was born as a reaction to fear, from the atavistic pursuit towards life.

The study and design of this “desirable” object has become the driving force of our factory.

Our challenge started from bringing over the limits the technology for socks production, modifying its purpose in order to create an ergonomic mask that softly adapts itself on face traits.

Maximum protection and technical performance fibers have taken over noble and natural raw materials which have always been preferred from DèPio research.

This is how the interweaving of waterproof, bacteriostatic and breathable yarns created a quality product ended with a certified patented antiviral treatment.

In the architecture of craftsmanship flexibility is innate; capability and expertise are able to reply to sudden changes.

DèPio mask is a truly virtuosity synthesis: research, wit, technique and sustainability, in other words love for our work.